News: Our new app Smart Photo Album is available in the app store, this app allows you to find photos based on IPTC keywords!


Have you ever wondered what bits and pieces of information your photos contain? Are you interested in finding this out in just a second? Then check out what the Image Metadata Viewer app can do for you and how it makes working with metadata simple and painless! Just enable your Location Services under Settings->General and you are ready to roll!

The Image Metadata Viewer is a universal app that displays the metadata stored inside an image on the device of your choice. You can check the properties of your images such as DPI resolution, orientation or even pixel depth, get some more information about the data captured by your camera, discover more about the tags and keywords embedded in your images or simply find out where your photos were taken and locate them on a map.

From EXIF to IPTC, all the way to GPS and beyond, the Image Metadata Viewer instantly displays all the image metadata available. Indeed, determining the features of your images is just a tap away.

So attention and make the process of obtaining image metadata swift and simple. Just be smart and get the application that takes photography and working with digital images metadata to a brand new level.


  • Access to all the photos stored in your iOS device.
  • Display of the Properties, EXIF, IPTC, and GPS metadata embedded in your photos.
  • Preview of the selected image.
  • Location of the selected picture on a Map when it contains GPS data.
  • Intuitive and easy to use graphic interface.

This is not all! Watch out for subsequent releases and updates that can once again put the "g’ in "great" as far as the Image Metatdata Viewer app is concerned. You are strongly encouraged to write back to us and provide us with some feedback to rest assured we are on the right track and help us deliver a better application that boasts more and/or better features in the near future!

The Image Data app requires iOS firmware v4.2 or higher and it is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and of course, with iPad.

To access the images in your library and read the GPS information it is mandatory that Location Services are enabled and that access to your current location is allowed. Your current location is not used by the Image Metadata Viewer it is needed to gain access to the image library.

Available in iTunes